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Know, How Insulin Resistance Can Affect Your Health ?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when insulin stops producing its regular tasks. Insulin, which is a hormone produced by the body cells in the pancreas. Insulin resistance is a condition that take place when our body cells becomes unable to follow the tasks regulate by insulin. Insulin controls the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the body. Insulin resistance animated video offers thorough information about the condition which helps a lot to spread awareness. These videos describes about the symptoms, preventions and cure for the problem in a very entertaining manner.

If a person is found insulin resistant along with diabetes then it may be because of heredity factor. Insulin in the body helps to control the glucose level in the blood. A chronic increase in the sugar level in our blood can lead to diabetes mellitus. In this condition our body cells produce insulin normally, but our cells do not accept it. This resistance can develop due to many factors.

A person who is found insulin resistant can feel the symptoms like

• Fatigue

• High blood sugar

• Sleepiness

• Lack of concentration

• Weight gain and difficulty in reducing it

• Increased hunger

• Depression

• High blood pressure

There are several associated conditions also those are responsible for causing insulin resistance such as

• Genetic factors

• Family history with type 2 diabetes

• History of gestational diabetes

There are some environmental factors also such as

• Insulin resistance can affect the person above 45 years of age

• Sedentary life style

• Lack of exercise

• Obesity

• Stress

• Pregnancy

• Alcohol intake

• Tobacco smoking

Insulin resistance can increase the chances of diabetes mellitus type2 diabetes in the near future. Insulin resistance animated video provides all the information about the condition so that people can get aware of this.DM type 2 altered the pancreas. Due to the resistance of cells to insulin, it accumulates in the body and increased level of insulin in the body signals pancreas to stop the production of insulin. It leads to the lack of insulin in the body. Insulin resistance involves some physical changes. The common disorder that occurs is skin tags. These tags appear on the surface of the skin. These lesions are smooth and irregular; these tags have stacks and are attached to skin’s surface.

The other symptoms which are caused by insulin resistance are fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, reproductive abnormalities and polycystic ovarian disease. Insulin resistance animated video is a beneficial method of spreading relevant information about the condition and that’s also in a very easy to grasp manner. It is very hard to diagnose the condition in the early stage. Its symptoms arise in the late stage. It is possible to remove the hazards of the condition by adopting healthy lifestyle and good food habits. Exercise should also be involved in the routine.

For more information related to this please visit : insulin resistance animated video and medical animation

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